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About Us

Its not just business, its our passion for your success, everything else will follow!.

Its our passion to create excellent products thus adding value to your business and make them affordable to you..

Excellence is not by luck!

You’ll will find,that wetake lot of pride in all our products. We do pay lot of attention to details and toil under the hood, so you can JUST ENJOY IT.

Adding value to your business!

Working as an extension of your team, we are constantly looking at unlocking new technological advancement for your benefit.

Its all about yourcost!

We understand that even the best value added product for your buisness is useless to you if it is not economically feasible – and we hate this. We have decided to keep finding innovative ways to keep the cost down for you as one of our core beliefs.

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The products are AWESOME! ……We look out for YOUR INTERESTS, more than ours!..... We make it VERY AFFORDABLE!....We give you FANTASTIC SUPPORT!........TRY US – the only way you’ll go is UP.

Our Products

We love what we do and we take a lot of pride in our products. Paying attention to every detail, our team has meticulously engineered our products to be world class. Through our products, we strive to continually combine Psychology & Technology, to deliver the best value to your business at a very affordable cost.

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Quicknip for restaurant is a complete restaurant solution that was developed keeping your interests as the focal point.

Being true to our core beliefs, we have been able to innovate an exceptional solution that (a) enhances customer experience (b) Optimizes revenue and increases efficiencies all the while maintaining affordable costing to your restaurant.

Menu Management is a very expensive& labour intensive process, including direct cost and indirect cost like varying prices, ability to react to customer feedback, Stock –Outs, Promotions etc. Quicknip components acting in tandem, will enhance diner experience, empower them to get a personalized service, increase impulsive buy’s all the while adding to the profits, increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost for the management.

Delight Your Customer

Quicknip Components

  • Quicknip App
  • Quicknip CMS
  • Quicknip Smart kitchen
  • Quicknip Billing
  • Quicknip Analytics & Reports
  • Quicknip POS

Delight Your Customer

  • Enhance customer dining experience
  • Improved customer service
  • Easy use for customer

Your Advantage

  • Dynamic menu
  • No need to format table layouts.
  • Bill Splitting made easy.
  • Instant Analytics & Reports
  • Affordable Cost
  • Multi-Language menu*

Awesome Services

24/7 Support

When you call you don’t have to talk to a machine……yes you read it right, our team of dedicated customer service professional will always be available 24/7 to help you with your needs.

Easy Update

User friendly CMS for easy updates anywhere any time.

Very Affordable

If it is any cheaper, it would be a crime.

Coming Soon